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Alexander Poddiakov1, N. Poddiakov
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

Interactive Exploratory Objects: From Laboratory Experiments to Mass Practices of the XXI Century

2018. Vol. 15. No. 4. P. 656–674 [issue contents]
The paper is focused on the history and modern practices of creating and applying interactive exploratory objects and worlds that provoke curiosity in the individual and require exploration and experimentation to learn them and to achieve practical goals. The development, use and demonstration of a wide range of exploratory objects (play, educational, psycho-diagnostic, etc.) in various fields reflects an increasingly wide spread belief: one of the basic human abilities that is needed now and will be in demand in the future is the ability to cope with novelty, including through active exploration and experimentation. Five interrelated directions for the development and popularization of exploratory objects are identified: science; educational practice; assessment; game practices; and literature, art, official and unofficial journalism. Parameters of specially developed interactive exploratory objects and worlds in the context of preparing for encounters with novelty and complexity are discussed. The triangle of tests of intelligence, creativity and exploratory behavior in the space of regulation – freedom is presented. Two types of motivational challenges when exploring new objects are described: exploration for the sake of the very process of cognition and exploration for the sake of desired practical effects. The issue of features of exploratory objects that stimulate posing and solving epistemic problems rather than pragmatic problems, and vice versa, is raised. In conclusion, possible reasons for the mass development and supply of exploratory objects and worlds are formulated.
Citation: Poddiakov A., Poddiakov N. (2018) Interaktivnye issledovatel'skie ob"ekty: ot laboratornykh eksperimentov k massovym praktikam XXI v. [Interactive Exploratory Objects: From Laboratory Experiments to Mass Practices of the XXI Century]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 15, no 4, pp. 656-674 (in Russian)
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