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Review policy

Each paper submitted to the journal undergoes a primary evaluation by the editors who decide whether it falls within the scope of the journal and whether it conforms to the editorial guidelines. If a paper is not in line with the journal’s guidelines, the author receives feedback within two weeks with a list of necessary modifications. In case a paper is accepted for review, it is forwarded to a reviewer within one week.

Editorial board members or external experts can serve as reviewers. The review process takes 2 to 2.5 months. In addition to a general evaluation of the paper (accept, revise and resubmit, reject), a review must contain specific comments and recommendations for its revision or specific reasons justifying its rejection. A paper may be rejected on the grounds of serious shortcomings of the study (such as flawed experimental design or inadequate statistical processing) or serious deficiencies of its textual presentation (such as incoherence of the text or absence of necessary sections in the study description).

The review procedure is anonymous.

When a revision is suggested by the reviewers, the author may submit a revised version of the paper, which is subsequently reviewed. In case the author does not agree with specific comments made by the reviewers, he or she may supplement the repeated submission with a cover letter describing the revisions made or the reasons why they were not carried out. If the authors fail to address the issues pointed out by the reviewers, the paper is rejected.

The final decision concerning the acceptance or rejection of a paper is made by the editorial board.

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