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«Psychology. Journal of the Higher School of Economics» was established by the National Research University — Higher School of Economics (HSE) in 2004 and is administered by the Faculty of Psychology of HSE.

Our mission is to promote psychology both as a fundamental and applied science within and outside Russia. We provide a platform for the development of new research topics and an agenda for psychological science, integrating Russian and international achievements in the field, and opening a space for psychological discussions of current issues that concern individuals and society as a whole.

Principal themes of the journal include:

  • Methodology, history, and theory of psychology
  • Research approaches and methods in psychology
  • New tools for psychological assessment
  • Interdisciplinary studies connecting psychology with economics, sociology, cultural anthropology, and other sciences
  • New achievements and trends in cognitive psychology, social psychology, organizational psychology, neuroscience
  • Models and methods for practice in organizations and individual work
  • Studies in personological approach, combining theoretical, empirical, hermeneutic, and counselling work on personality
  • Bridging the gap between science and practice, psychological problems associated with innovations
  • Discussions on pressing issues in fundamental and applied research within psychology and related sciences

The journal’s primary audience includes researchers and practitioners specializing in psychology, sociology, cultural studies, education, neuroscience, and management, as well as teachers and students of higher education institutions.

«Psychology. Journal of the Higher School of Economics» is included in the list of leading Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry for Education and Science of Russian Federation for publication of principal scientific findings of theses submitted for the degrees of Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Sciences in Psychology.

The journal publishes 4 issues per year. It is distributed around Russia and worldwide.

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