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Arseniy Belorusets 1
  • 1 Independent Researcher

Developmental Knot: From M. Mamardashvili towards L. Vygotsky. A Comparative Study in Personology

2023. Vol. 20. No. 4. P. 718–739 [issue contents]

This study delves into the examination of three models developed by Lev Vygotsky, namely the instrumental act model, the zigzag model of meaningful action, and the model of psychological age dynamics. The objective is to uncover the common features among these models and to attempt their pro­ductive synthesis. The first model introduces the concept of indirect movement and highlights the dual nature of the mediating link, X, which acts as both a thing and a meaning. The second model, influenced by K. Levin, emphasizes the emergence of a distinct plane of meaning within which the act­ing subject navigates and constructs their path. The third model focuses on the subject's development through the progressive evolution of their field of meanings. These models are compared with a series of graphical models of development proposed in different con­texts by Merab Mamardashvili and sub­sequently reconstructed and general­ized by Andrey Paramonov. While these models exhibit similar trajectories to Vygotsky's works, notable differences arise. Mamardashvili's model incorpo­rates a visual representation of the stage involving the “turning inside out” of the life field through a selected symbol-tool, resembling the concept of cathar­sis in “Psychology of Art,” albeit not explicitly expressed in Vygotsky's mod­els. Overall, Vygotsky's and Mamardashvili's models are seen as comple­mentary to each other. The aim is to integrate these models based on shared elements, resulting in a comprehensive model illustrating the movement of the Self and serving as an example of sym­bolic mediation as opposed to sign-mediation.

Citation: Belorusets A. (2023) Uzel razvitiya: ot M.K. Mamardashvili k L.S. Vygotskomu. Opyt personologicheskoy komparativistiki [Developmental Knot: From M. Mamardashvili towards L. Vygotsky. A Comparative Study in Personology]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 20, no 4, pp. 718-739 (in Russian)
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