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Maria Efremova1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

The Relationship between Values and Prosocial Behavior in Different Contexts before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic

2023. Vol. 20. No. 1. P. 40–48 [issue contents]

The COVID-19 pandemic has unprecedentedly influenced social interactions, which can be implemented both in real life (offline) and on the Internet. Prosocial behavior as a type of social interactions has a positive impact on individuals and society, especially during crises. Prosocial behavior is determined by various factors, including individual values and contextual factors as the most influential ones. The form of prosocial behavior and its determinants may differ in different periods of the society functioning. Therefore, studying prosocial behavior before and during the pandemic, and identifying factors of its implementation in various contexts is a relevant task. This study explores the relationship between individual values and prosocial behavior, in an offline and an online context, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in Russia. A cross-sectional study with two sub-samples – the “pre-pandemic” group (N=304) and the “pandemic” group (N=187) – was conducted online, using the short version of Human Values Scale by S. Schwartz (ESS-21) and scales of prosocial behavior in online and offline contexts. Results show that during a pandemic people are less likely to engage in prosocial behavior offline and rely less on Self-Transcendence values. At the same time, in “the pre-pandemic” group, Self-Transcendence values contribute to prosocial behavior in both contexts, while Self-Enhancement values contribute to prosocial behavior in the online context. Next, in the “pandemic” group, Self-Transcendence values and Openness-to-Change values promote prosocial behavior in both contexts, while Conservation values discourage it. The results are discussed regarding the impact a pandemic has on people's lives.

Citation: Efremova M. (2023) Vzaimosvyaz' tsennostey i prosotsial'nogo povedeniya v raznykh kontekstakh do i vo vremya pandemii COVID-19 [

The relationship between values and prosocial behavior in different contexts before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 20, no 1, pp. 40-48 (in Russian)
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