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Yana Smirnova1
  • 1 Altai State University, 61 Lenin Ave, Barnaul, 656049, Russian Federation

The specificity of forming strategies of the dyad adult-child with hearing impairment in the process of learning: eye tracking of double eye tracking technologies (duet)

2022. Vol. 19. No. 4. P. 703–724 [issue contents]
The article is devoted to the application of dual eye tracking (DUET) eye tracking technology in the analysis of multimodal cooperation in the process of learning the child-adult dyad. The methodology is described and the double eye tracking (DUET) procedure was tested during the performance of a learning task in the adultchild dyad. Synchronous registration of the dyad's eye movements was carried out by two portable trackers in the form of Pupil Headset goggles. A comparative study of the synchrony of perceptual processes was carried out in a sample of preschoolers 4-6 years old: typically developing children and children with hearing impairment after cochlear implantation (with sensorineural hearing loss, ICD-10 class H90). An analysis of the ways in which the gaze of the adult-child dyad moves makes it possible to model the learning process as the emergence and dynamic transformation of an intersubjective connection between the perceptionaction systems of a child and an adult. Comparison of gaze patterns showed that contrasting groups of children use different perceptual strategies in the learning process: the specificity of eye movements of contrasting groups is manifested in the perceptual actions themselves and in the pattern of eye movements relative to fixations in relevant areas corresponding to the task. It was found that the oculomotor activity of an adult changes in the process of interaction with children of contrasting groups and is organized taking into account the specific features of the child's perceptual activity.
Citation: Smirnova Y. (2022) Spetsifika formirovaniya strategiy vzora diady vzroslyy—rebenok s narusheniem slukha v protsesse obucheniya: aytreking tekhnologii dvoynogo otslezhivaniya dvizheniya glaz (DUET) [THE SPECIFICITY OF FORMING STRATEGIES OF THE DYAD ADULT-CHILD WITH HEARING IMPAIRMENT IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING: EYE TRACKING OF DOUBLE EYE TRACKING TECHNOLOGIES (DUET)]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 19, no 4, pp. 703-724 (in Russian)
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