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Alyona Slonova 1
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Mindfulness in the Development of Children’s Creative Potential: Opportunities for Use in the Work of a Practical Psychologist

2022. Vol. 19. No. 3. P. 642–656 [issue contents]
The objective of the article is to describe the opportunities for use of the Mindfulness-based techniques in the work of a practical psychologist, for development of creative thinking and creative potential in children and teenagers. The concept of Mindfulness is defined; the specifics and basic principles of this method are described. A brief analytical review of the results of foreign works devoted to the role of Mindfulness programs in the creative development of individual is conducted. The research potential of the technique in improving cognitive functioning (development of focus, accuracy, efficiency of attention, speed of information processing, working memory) is summarized. The results of the studies indicating the positive impact of these programs on the mental well-being of children are analyzed. It is stated that Mindfulness contributes to a greater productivity of children’s cognitive processes. The experience of including the method in the psychologist’s counseling and psycho-correctional work with children and adolescents is described. The main groups of techniques that can be used in the work of a practicing specialist are given. The ideas are given that can be expanded and supplemented in order to formulate original exercises for individual work in development of client’s creative potential. The specifics of application of Mindfulness practices in a group work with children is described. The materials of the article can be used by practicing educational psychologists working in schools while forming the developmental and correctional programs for children of different ages, as well as in the preparation of master-classes for teachers in order to present them methods for development of creative thinking in their pupils. The described experience of usage of the Mindfulness program can become the starting point for research psychologists in studying the effectiveness of mindfulness practices. The materials can be of help for providing psychological assistance in a digital format, for example, for development of a mobile application based on the Mindfulness approach.
Citation: Slonova A. (2022) Praktiki osoznannosti v razvitii tvorcheskogo potentsiala detey: vozmozhnosti ispol'zovaniya v rabote prakticheskogo psikhologa [Mindfulness in the Development of Children’s Creative Potential: Opportunities for Use in the Work of a Practical Psychologist ]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 19, no 3, pp. 642-656 (in Russian)
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