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Maria Shchukina1
  • 1 St.-Petersburg state institute of psychology and social work, 13А 12 liniya V.О., St.-Petersburg, Russia, 199178

Five Births of the Personality: Stage of Personogenesis in the Autobiographic Tracture M.M. Zoshchenko "Before the Sunrise"

2018. Vol. 15. No. 2. P. 368–383 [issue contents]

The article discusses topical for the contemporary psychology concept of multiple births of personality, and the act of personal birth amplifies and unfolds in the scope of the whole life path, transcending the closure of personal formation in pre-adolescent period. Personogenesis is viewed as a system of five qualitatively unique births of personality. “Zero birth” is a formation of personality as an expected social model and corresponding to the definite chronotope social project of micro- and macro-environment of a future child. The “first birth” is linked with the emergence of self-consciousness (“I” and “self”) and the changes in the motivational sphere: acceptance by a child of social norms and values as motives of their behaviors. The “second birth” is dated to the adolescent period and is manifested in development of general subjectivity of personality with the emergence of abilities of self-determination, self-regulation, conscious choice of values. The personality of an adolescent is formed due to the processes of self-knowledge, self-affirmation and self-regulation in individual and group deeds. The “third birth” is extensively unfolds in the period of adulthood and is linked with the maturation of personality, which manifests in acceptance of responsible life position, independent and conscious forming of one’s life path. The driving forces of the third birth are activity, reflexivity and active effort of personality, which are focused on personal growth and creative life. The “forth birth” pertains to the last phase of person’s life or period after their death and is understood as an embodied personal representation in a significant other – personal input into personal space of another person. These stages of personality development are illustrated by a phenomenological material of autobiographical literary-psychological work by M.M. Zoshchenko Before Sunrise.

Citation: Shchukina M. (2018) Pyat' rozhdeniy lichnosti: stupeni personogeneza v avtobiograficheskom traktate M.M. Zoshchenko «Pered voskhodom solntsa» [Five Births of the Personality: Stage of Personogenesis in the Autobiographic Tracture M.M. Zoshchenko "Before the Sunrise"]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 15, no 2, pp. 368-383 (in Russian)
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