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Igor Pogodin1
  • 1 Belarusian Institute for Gestalt, Prospect of Independence, etc. 137/1-179, Minsk, 220114, Russian Federation

A Dialogical Phenomenological Model of Thinking: Resources of Primary Experience

2013. Vol. 10. No. 3. P. 109–118 [issue contents]

This article analyzes thought and thinking as the basis of field dynamics. A strict distinction is made between idea and concept. The idea is an over-functional phenomenon of primary experience, i.e. it belongs to the field, but not the individual. Moreover, the thesis of an idea being part of a field is examined beyond the aspect of authorship. However, the field, in turn, is a product of the experience process, i.e. people in many ways create a field that produces a new idea underlying another discovery or concept. The concept appears in the field through retranslation of the phenomenon. The dialogical phenomenological model of psychotherapy offers an alternative to the narrow thinking search, unfolding within a particular paradigm of thinking. That space of primary experience is seen in the dialogical phenomenological approach as an inexhaustible source of innovation and an excellent resource for human development.
Special attention is paid to the dynamics of thinking in the etiology of "madness". The separated reality forms the basis for differentiating between a “mentally ill” and a “normal” person, separating “madness” from “mental health”. The author discusses the different activation of two experience vectors (creative and adaptive) among geniuses and everymen. It is suggested the modern culture is a culture of an alternative between creativity in the experience, followed by segregation, and adaptation to conventional reality.

Citation: Pogodin, I. A. (2013). Dialogovo-fenomenologicheskaya model' myshleniya cheloveka: resursy pervichnogo opyta [A Dialogical Phenomenological Model of Thinking: Resources of Primary Experience]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 10(3), 109-118. (in Russian)
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