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R. Fischer

Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology of Social Change and Development: The Example of Well-Being and Corruption Research

2012. Vol. 9. No. 2. P. 23–42 [issue contents]

What can cross-cultural psychology contribute to broad debates on societal change and development? I amThe author arguing argues that cross-cultural researchers can actively contribute in at least three domains: a) an examination of processes that are of societal importance and relevance, b) development and application of culturally sensitive change programs and c) a culture-sensitive evaluation of existing intervention programs so that the needs of communities are better met. I The author provides two examples that are focus on the first aspect, because as this area is closest to current cross-cultural research. I discuss rRecent work on understanding cross-cultural differences in well-being (Fischer & Boer, 2011) are discussed, and as well as an examination of changes in corruption over time (O’Connor & Fischer, 2011). How can cross-cultural research contribute to the development and well-being of societies? What are the tools that psychologists interested in culture can use to inform politicians and political decision-making? How can we make cross-cultural relevant to everyday actions and events, considering the massive challenges that humanity faces through globalization, climate change and increasing interdependencies at a global level? In this paper I willthe author outlines three different paths that may address these broad questions of policy relevance and societal development. Engaging with these questions can help sharpening our basic research questions and theories as well as contributing contribute to understanding and managing global issues. I Finally, the paperwill reviews two recent examples using traditional cross-cultural research in some more detail and discusses how it can fit in with such an agenda.

Citation: Fischer, R. (2012). Prikladnaya kross-kul'turnaya psikhologiya sotsial'nykh izmenenii i razvitiya obshchestva: na primere issledovaniya blagopoluchiya i korruptsii [Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology of Social Change and Development: The Example of Well-Being and Corruption Research ]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 9(2), 23-42. (in Russian)
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