Armyanskii ln., 4-2, Moscow, 101000, Russia


Vadim Rozin1
  • 1 Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, 12/1 Goncharnaya Str., Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

Psychology: Illusions of Identification and Self-Determination

2009. Vol. 6. No. 4. P. 3–23 [issue contents]
The situation in Russian contemporary psychology is analyzed in the form of virtual dialogue between a psychologist and a philosopher. The outcomes of approaches and programs proposed by leading psychologists in XXth centaury are discussed. Why does the psychology fail to implement the true experiment? Why is the influence of Leontev's theory decreasing? Why is Vygotsky's cultural-historical conception «hung up» and the psychological practice — ineffective. It is argued that psychology is approaching a new phase of its development. Its distinctive features are following several different ideals of the scientific cognition at the same time, undertaking a general shift of the research towards the ideals of humanities, and developing new psychological practices. Some research programs have exhausted themselves, others are emerging. In all cases contemporary psychological knowledge should be philosophically equipped, open to a dialogue, sensitive to current issues, helpful in personal growth and self-understanding.
Citation: Rozin V. M. (2009) Psikhologiya: illyuzii identifikatsii i samoopredeleniya [Psychology: Illusions of Identification and Self-Determination] The Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 4, pp. 3-23 (in Russian)
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