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T. Berezina

Humans Reactions to Alcohol Image Reflection

2008. Vol. 5. No. 4. P. 102–111 [issue contents]
The article describes the influence of reflection of images related to alcohol on the smell produced by a participant. The possibility of registration of ethanol vapor in participant's exhalation by means of alcohol tester «Drive-safe» as a result of the reflection of images, the smell and taste of alcohol is proved empirically. Two types of positive reactions to reflection of alcohol images are revealed. The first one is fixation on alcohol images that is the emergence of alcohol in exhalation and retention of this effect after the moment when a participant begins to think about something else. The second one is a classical switching that is the emergence of ethanol in exhalation when alcohol is thought about and its disappearance when the process of imagination has stopped. It was registered that in some cases the effect of image reflection could be stable and last up to 20 minutes after the experiment was finished. It was demonstrated that in a half the cases registration of alcohol vapor in exhalation is accompanied by its presence in saliva.
Citation: Berezina T. N. (2008) Reaktsii cheloveka na predstavlenie obrazov spirtnogo [Humans Reactions to Alcohol Image Reflection] The Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 4, pp. 102-111 (in Russian)
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