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Oleg Sychev1, Igor Anoshkin2
  • 1 Altai State Humanities Pedagogical University, 53 Korolenko Str., Altai region, Biysk, 659333, Russian Federation
  • 2 V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, 4 Akademika Vernadskogo Ave., 295007, Simferopol, Russian Federation

Russian-Language Versions of Inventories Measuring Styles and Effectiveness of Conflict Resolution in Close Relationships

2024. Vol. 21. No. 1. P. 32–54 [issue contents]

The article presents the results of the development of Russian-language versions of two inventories proposed by L. A. Kurdek to assess the conflicts in close relationships: The Ineffective Arguing Inventory and the Conflict Resolution Style Inventory. The theoretical basis of these inventories is the result of studies that have revealed the important role of conflict in the stability of the family and described the unproductive pattern of conflict behavior. In a sample of 415 people (43 % men) aged 18 to 66 years old (M = 28.02; SD = 8.05) in premarital (42%) or marital (58%) relationships the factor structure of the questionnaires was confirmed using confirmatory factor analysis, as well as acceptable internal consistency coefficients of the scales were obtained. The validity of the questionnaires is proved by the expected correlations of ineffective arguing and three conflict resolution style scales (positive, conflict engagement, and withdrawal) with indicators of the frequency of conflicts in a couple, relationship satisfaction, attachment style, empathy, and forgiveness. The fourth conflict resolution style (compliance) showed weak correlations with only some validity criteria, which reflects a less important role of this style in the conflicts of premarital and married couples. Correlations of conflict scales with age and duration of relationships were not significant, weak gender differences were revealed only in the tendency to a positive style of conflict resolution (higher in women). The proposed inventories can be useful in future studies of marital conflict, as well as in preventive and counselling work.

Citation: Sychev O., Anoshkin I. (2024) Russkoyazychnaya adaptatsiya oprosnikov stiley i effektivnosti resheniya konfliktov v blizkikh otnosheniyakh [Russian-Language Versions of Inventories Measuring Styles and Effectiveness of Conflict Resolution in Close Relationships]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 21, no 1, pp. 32-54 (in Russian)
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