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Ekaterina Bityutskaya1
  • 1 Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1 Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation

Coping Success

2022. Vol. 19. No. 2. P. 382–404 [issue contents]
The article presents an analytical review on the matter of coping success. The concept of success is actively used in the scientific literature on coping with stress and challenging situations, however, a clear definition has not yet been received. The objectives of the article are to describe the criteria, functions and components of successful coping with difficult life circumstances; and to provide rationale for the scheme, which represents stages and components of successful coping. The signs of successful coping are presented; the characteristics of the perceived situation that determine it are highlighted. These characteristics include subjective control and understanding of the situation, forecasting various scenarios for the development of events, including a positive image of the future, and formulating a goal for strong performance. Successful coping is defined as the effective achievement of a difficult life goal and is considered in the contexts of effectiveness, flexibility, personal resources, and cultural specifics. It is shown that successful coping corresponds to a special type of life situations, Tasks, and its functions are to approach the goal through systematic efforts and resistance to one’s own avoidance, as well as to environmental distractions. The central role of the goal of successful coping for its actualization is substantiated, which distinguishes it from proactive coping. Based on the analysis of the results from the projective graphical technique A Scheme of a Difficult Life Situation, the components of successful coping, as well as two types of dealing with difficulties are specified, which are emotional experiencing and complex analysis of the situation. The study is carried out within the framework, which considers coping as a positive process. The scheme of the stages of successful coping and its dynamics is presented in the appendix, and can be used in the psychology training of students, as well as in practical work. 

Citation: Bityutskaya E. (2022) Uspeshnost' kopinga [Coping Success]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 19, no 2, pp. 382-404 (in Russian)
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