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Natalia Meshkova1, Sergey Enikolopov2, Vladimir Kudryavtsev1, Oleg Kravtsov3, Margarita Bochkova, Ivan Meshkov
  • 1 Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, 27 Sretenka, Moscow, 127051, Russia
  • 2 Mental Health Research Center, 34 Kashirskoe shosse, Moscow, 115522, Russian Federation
  • 3 V.Ya. Ki kot' Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, 4 Okruzhnoi proezd, Moscow, 107061, Russia

Age and Gender Characteristics of Personality Predictors for Antisocial Creativity

2020. Vol. 17. No. 1. P. 60–72 [issue contents]
Malevolent creativity (MC) is manifested in the implementation of one’s own or somebody else’s original ideas that harm other people. Analysis of previous studies shows that there are age and gender specifics. We present the results of a study of MC predictors, taking into account age and gender of the respondents. The sample (N = 293): men (N = 192); cadets (N = 97), cadets of high school (N = 150) and students of high school (N=46, women). A battery of questionnaires was used to measure aggression, MAK-IV, emotional intelligence, personality traits of the Big Five, behavioral characteristics of MC. Qualitative gender characteristics of MC predictors were revealed: in men, this is hostility, and in women, aggression. According to the results of the regression analysis, the specificity of adolescent MC is that negative predictors include Consciousness and Agreeableness traits associated with deviant behavior, but not in adult respondents. The results obtained can be used to develop programs for the prevention of deviant behavior in adolescents.
Citation: Meshkova N., Enikolopov S., Kudryavtsev V., Kravtsov O., Bochkova M., Meshkov I. (2020) Vozrastnye i polovye osobennosti lichnostnykh prediktorov antisotsial'noy kreativnosti [Age and Gender Characteristics of Personality Predictors for Antisocial Creativity]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 17, no 1, pp. 60-72 (in Russian)
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