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Alexander Tatarko1, Ekaterina Maklasova1, Karina Grigoryan1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

Validation of the Circumplex of personality Metatraits Questionnaire on the Russian Sample

2019. Vol. 16. No. 4. P. 705–729 [issue contents]

The article presents the results of the validation of the Circumplex of personality metatraits questionnaire on the Russian sample (Strus, Cieciuch, & Rowiński, 2014; Strus & Cieciuch, 2017). The new concept of the personality metatraits, which is the development of Big Five, is briefly described in the article. According to the model, metatraits can be described within a circumplex that is organized by 2 orthogonal dimensions: Alpha and Beta. Also, authors of this model, introduced to the model 2 other metatraits: Gamma and Delta. The main advantage of the CPM model is that it provides foundations for wide-ranging theoretical and methodological integration. The description of the validated questionnaire, the sample on which the validation was conducted and other techniques that were additionally used to assess the empirical validity of the questionnaire is provided. During the validation of the questionnaire, direct and reverse translations of the questionnaire items were made, cognitive interviews were conducted, and, in order to approbate, 1191 respondents were interviewed. When processing the data obtained in this sample, the reliability-consistency of the eight scales of the questionnaire was evaluated, multidimensional scaling was performed to confirm the circumplex structure and the order of the mutual arrangement of the personality metatraits. To assess empirical validity, additional techniques were used that allow us to evaluate a number of other psychological constructs which can be hypothetically related to certain personality metatraits. As a result, we managed to get a questionnaire that meets the necessary requirements for validity and reliability. The questionnaire and the keys to it are attached to this article.

Citation: Tatarko A., Maklasova E., Grigoryan K. (2019) Validizatsiya oprosnika Krugovaya struktura lichnostnykh metachert na rossiyskoy vyborke [Validation of the Circumplex of personality Metatraits Questionnaire on the Russian Sample]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 17, no 4, pp. 705-729 (in Russian)
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