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Olga Lushnikova1
  • 1 The Khakass Scientific Research Institute of Language, Literature and History, 23 Shchetinkina Str., Abakan, Republic of Khakassia, Russian Federation

Entrepreneurship: Social Functions, Business Features and Psychological Determinants of Success

2019. Vol. 16. No. 4. P. 674–689 [issue contents]
AbstractThe objective of the study is to reveal the connection of the third brain block (according to A.R. Luria – functions of programming, control and serial organization) with social activity. The hypothesis is following: the higher is the level of social activity, the better preserved are the functions of the third brain block. The general sample consisted of 60 participants (from 55 to 65 years old). In the first stage of the study the participants were interviewed for assessment of their level of social activity (low, middle and high). The second stage was neuropsychological diagnostics (elaborated by A.R. Luria and modified by T.V. Akhutina). The different groups successfully carried out different tasks on functions of programming, control and regulation of activity. The high-level group was better in the test on reaction of choice; the average-level group – in the test on the exclusion of irrelevant concept; the low-level group – in the task of the retelling. However, the high level group successfully carried out tasks on serial organization. The hypothesis was partially confirmed. Not the whole third block is more preserved in the high-level group. The connection between the third brain block and social activity is proved. Two main conclusions: probably, the social activity determines the preservation of the functions of programming, control and regulation; perhaps, the preservation of the serial organization determines the capabilities of social activity. We conclude that the connection between social activity and the third brain block is bilateral. The obtained results can be used in the elaboration of neurocognitive training for the elderly.
Citation: Lushnikova O. (2019) Svyaz' tret'ego bloka mozga s sotsial'noy aktivnost'yu v period involyutsii [Entrepreneurship: Social Functions, Business Features and Psychological Determinants of Success]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 17, no 4, pp. 674-689 (in Russian)
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