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Anna Adamyan1
  • 1 National Research University "Higher School of Economics", 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, Russia, 101000

Justice Sensitivity and Its Consequences for an Individual

2019. Vol. 16. No. 3. P. 479–493 [issue contents]

Justice is a social value that plays an important role in the distribution of various resources, maintaining the sustainability of society, therefore society is interested in strengthening it, and in the sensitivity of members of society to the facts of violations of justice. However, phenomena that are favorable for society do not always contribute to the well-being of the individual. Justice sensitivity is a personality trait (disposition) that reflects individual differences in the readiness to perceive injustice and in the intensity of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses to injustice. This article explores how justice sensitivity is related to indicators of emotional state, self-esteem and personal resilience. It is shown that justice sensitivity is positively associated with depressive symptoms, while its impact on subjective well-being is rather weak. It was found that this relationship is mediated by the variables of self-esteem and personal resilience. Also it was demonstrated that characteristics of this connection vary depending on the position of the subject in a hypothetical situation of a violation of justice (victim, observer, beneficiary, perpetrator). Justice sensitivity from the victim’s perspective makes the most powerful contribution to the current psychological state. This contribution is partly mediated by a negative relationship between justice sensitivity and self-esteem and resilience. The study also discusses gender specificity of the relationship of justice sensitivity to indicators of emotional state, self-esteem, and sustainability; in general, it is confirmed that in women justice sensitivity is a more strong predictor of negative emotional states, reduced self-esteem and subjective well-being.

Citation: Adamyan A. (2019) Chuvstvitel'nost' k spravedlivosti i ee posledstviya dlya lichnosti [ Justice Sensitivity and Its Consequences for an Individual]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 16, no 3, pp. 479-493 (in Russian)
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