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Andrew Grigoriev1
  • 1 Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences, 13 build. 1, Yaroslavskaya Str., Moscow, 129366, Russian Federation

The Relationship between the Degree of Clusterization of Lexical-Semantic Category and the Speed of Recitation of Its Objects

2019. Vol. 16. No. 1. P. 181–190 [issue contents]

In the task of reciting objects belonging to lexical-semantic categories (category members), participants recite the members of some categories faster than the members of another. Results obtained in the studies on this task suggest that the degree of clusterization of categories’ members may be the factor, which causes this difference between categories: categories, which members are grouped better have an advantage. To verify this suggestion, categorical norms for Russian language, which contain data about the average numbers of categories’ members recited by participants per unit of time, and about the clusters in categories, which affect participants’ responses, were used. Data on 22 categories (Precious Stone, 4-footed Animal etc.) were analyzed; for each of them the number of clusters with pair proximity above 3 was calculated; this number was used as a measure of degree of clusterization. It turned out that the categories significantly vary with respect to this measure: while for two categories (Precious Stone, Carpenter’s Tool) it is zero, for four others (4-footed Animal, An Article of Clothing, A Relative, A Bird) it is above 10. The correlation between degree of clusterization and the mean number of category members generated was .838; p<.001. This result is consistent with the suggestion about the role of degree of clusterization of the members of lexical-semantic categories as a factor of the speed of recitation of objects belonging to it. However, other differences in structure of lexical-semantic categories may be such factors; in particular, a type of this structure may play a part.

Citation: Grigoriev A. (2019) Svyaz' stepeni klasterizatsii leksiko-semanticheskoy kategorii so skorost'yu perechisleniya vkhodyashchikh v nee ob"ektov [The Relationship between the Degree of Clusterization of Lexical-Semantic Category and the Speed of Recitation of Its Objects]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 16, no 1, pp. 181-190 (in Russian)
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