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A. Yurevich

RETRACTED, 01.02.2019 
Psychological State of Modern Russian Society: New Trends

2018. Vol. 15. No. 4. P. 695–710 [issue contents]
The problem of psychological state of modern Russian society is in the focus of the analysis. For the purposes of the quantitative estimation of this state the author used a Composite Index elaborated by him and based on the integration of 6 primary indicators: Index of Mortality from the Diseases of the Nervous System and Sense Organs, Index of Homicide, Index of the Mental Illnesses, Index of the Family Stability, Index of the Social Orphanhood and Index of Suicide Mortality. The Index allowed to estimate quantitatively the dynamics of psychological state of Russian society from 1991 to 2016. The author analyses this dynamics in relation to social-economic and political events. The dynamics of primary indicators united by the Composite Index is also under analysis. Indices of Mortality from Homicide and Suicide reflect the mean trends of the Composite Index. The Index of the Diseases of Nervous System remained stable until 2012 and then showed the dramatic drop, while the Index of the Mental Illnesses remained relatively stable. Indices of the Family Stability and the Social Orphanhood showed complex tendencies, which can be explained by the general dynamics only partially. The latency of the Indices is discussed. The results of other investigations – sociological and psychological, characterizing the psychological state of modern Russian society and its dynamics are presented. The author comes to the conclusion about the existence of socio-psycho-somatic influence implied in the fact that social processes are reflected in the psychological state of citizens which in its turn has important somatic consequences.

Citation: Yurevich A. (2018) *OTOZVANA, 01.02.2019 
Psikhologicheskoe sostoyanie sovremennogo rossiyskogo obshchestva: novye tendentsii

[*RETRACTED, 01.02.2019 
Psychological State of Modern Russian Society: New Trends]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 15, no 4, pp. 695-710 (in Russian)
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