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Alexandr Fedorov1, Igor Badiev 2
  • 1 Novosibirsk State University, 1 Pirogov Str., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russian Federation
  • 2 Buryat State University, 24a Smolina Str., Ulan-Ude, 670000 , Russia

Validation of the Russian-Language Version of the Ethics Position Questionnaire

2018. Vol. 15. No. 3. P. 491–509 [issue contents]

The results of validation of the Russian version of D. R. Forsyth’s Ethics Position Questionnaire (EPQ) are presented. The original version of the questionnaire contains two orthogonal factors (idealism and relativism) that form the basis of taxonomy of ethical positions (situationism, absolutism, subjectivism and exceptionism). The article suggests that idealism and relativism should be considered as behavioral dispositions. In this study, several theoretical models have been verified by means of confirmatory factor analysis. The CFA revealed that a two-level structural model where idealism and relativism are orthogonal second-order factors has the best fit. Idealism includes such factors as focus on reducing harm (I1) and concern for good (I2), and relativism includes such factors as relativity of ethic systems (R1), interpersonal relativism (R2) and veracity (R3). The received model has a number of advantages. First, it fully corresponds to the theoretical model of D. R. Forsyth, including the orthogonality of the main factors. Secondly, it assumes the multidimensionality of the constructs “idealism” and “relativism.” Thirdly, it allows to reconcile the results of previous empirical studies. The research established that the EPQ has good internal consistency, test-retest reliability, convergent, discriminant and nomological validity. The latter was evaluated within the nomological network in which idealism and relativism were correlated with constructs associated with the value system (within the Sh. Schwartz theory of basic values). The results make it possible to consider the Russian version of the EPQ as a reliable and valid instrument of assessment of idealism and relativism.

Citation: Fedorov A., Badiev I. (2018)

Validizatsiya russkoyazychnoy versii oprosnika eticheskikh pozitsiy

[Validation of the Russian-Language Version of the Ethics Position Questionnaire]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, no 3, pp. 491-509 (in Russian)
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