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Leonid Dorfman1, Kirill Zlokazov2
  • 1 Perm State Institute of Culture, 18 Gazeta Zvezda Str., Perm, 614000, Russia
  • 2 Ural University of Law, 2 Komsonolskaya,Yekaterinburg, 620137, Russia

A Meta-Individual Model of Destructive Patterns. Report 2

2017. Vol. 14. No. 3. P. 501–518 [issue contents]
The meta-individual model of destructivity has been proposed. It is intended to present a common view on destructivity and to overcome the hampering effects of fragmentation of destructivity that still dominates psychology. Isolated views on destructive patterns exist due to their partition among trauma, depression, aggression, violence, abuse, and the like. The question of how a composition of destructive patterns appears is still unanswered. This matter is salient but least understandable from the integrative and systems viewpoint. The meta-individual model of destructivity solves the problem because it conceptualizes fragmented parts of destructive patterns, describing them as a unified phenomenon in an integrative fashion. The notion of negative-destructive world of mentally healthy people has been introduced. It arises as a result of the meta-individual world suffering from distortion either as a whole or across its systems and domains. Our claim is that 4 domains of the negative-destructive world should be specified as opposed to respective domains of the meta-individual world. They are following: self-displeasure vs. agency, power over others vs. psychological possession, rejection of people vs. perspective-taking, detachment from people vs. relatedness to them. Presumably, the domain organization of the negative-destructive world entails heterogeneity of destructivity. Besides, a monochrome metaphor “white” (“light”) – “black” (“dark”) has been suggested as a sensorial-perceptual marker of the meta-individual world (“light”) and the negative-destructive world (“dark”), as well as their polarities and continuous transitions. To secure the empirical research on the meta-individual model of destructivity, a respective multidimensional questionnaire, as well as a monochrome scale are required to be created.
Citation: Dorfman L., Zlokazov K. (2017) A Meta-Individual Model of Destructive Patterns. Report 2. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 14, no 3, pp. 517-534 (in Russian)
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