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Anton Sidorov-Dorso1
  • 1 Moscow State Pedagogical University, 1/1 M. Pirogovskaya Str., Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation

Developmental Synaesthesia within Ability Theory: A Review of Contemporary Research

2013. Vol. 10. No. 2. P. 173–180 [issue contents]

This article provides a brief analysis of the results of studies addressing the link between developmental synaesthesia and characteristics of cognitive processes and creative abilities. The author gives a definition of this phenomenon, typical for Russian and foreign psychology. The article compares the experimental data related to synaesthetes obtained by different groups of foreign researchers. On the basis of modern discoveries it is proposed to clarify the psychological status of the phenomenon in question.

Data on synaesthesia obtained from psychophysical methods and techniques of neuroimaging (instrumental materials) provide convincing evidence that synaesthesia should be distinguished from a number of phenomena of memory, hyper-imagination and other accented qualities. Synaesthesia is present in more than 4% of the population and there are about 70 different varieties of synaesthesia associated with different stimuli and sensory responses. Studies of sensory characteristics of individuals with synaesthesia indicate a greater sensitivity of the modality related to synaesthetic reactions. The researchers hypothesize that the increased excitation of the certain sites may be the source of "noise" that enhancesc neuronal activity, which can lead to the emergence of conscious synaesthetic photisms (sensory reactions characteristic for each case).

The author gives examples of various studies in this area, in which researchers respond to the questions of the characteristics of synesthesia depending on the attention dynamics, the relationship of this phenomenon with more efficient memorization, early speaking and reading skills, phenomenal eidetic perception, image memory, high spelling ability and musicality. Based on the analysis of the results of such studies the need for further research in the phenomenon of synaesthesia is acknowledged.

Citation: Sidorov-Dorso A. V. (2013) Sinesteziia estestvennogo razvitiia v ramkakh teorii o sposobnostiakh: analiz sovremennykh issledovanii [Developmental Synaesthesia within Ability Theory: A Review of Contemporary Research] The Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 2, pp. 173-180 (in Russian)
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