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Elena Stankovskaya1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

Experience of “I can”: an Attempt at Subjective Reconstruction

2012. Vol. 9. No. 4. P. 125–132 [issue contents]

At the present moment studies that search for effective practical methods of development of subjectivity in personality are come coming to the fore. Actualization of subjectivity in personality in the process of giving psychological help intensifies it multiply, creating a grounds for long-term and self-maintained changes. The author An attempts at to applying a phenomenological approach to the problem of genesis of the subject (agent) within individual life is made by the author. Based on a synthesis of theoretical and practical psychology, the value of the “I can” experience is demonstrated: this experience becomes a point of amplification of personal subjectivity. Numerous experiences – “I can” – become the basis for actions, orienting personality in the field of real possibilities, which he or shea person has in the given circumstances, and which strengthen and channel one’s their will. The mMotivating nature of these experiences is displayed in the logic of transition from “I can” to “I want”. The eEffectiveness of the phenomenological model of personality development of personality as a subject is secured by the special role of feelings in individual life and is verified by psychotherapeutic practice. A theoretical model of subject-generating experiences of “I can” is presented, explaining their significance, novelty, authenticity, and the extent to which specific possibilities are integrated into self-image. A fractal structure is described of the space in which personality is realized as a life agent shaped by culture, communication, activity, and personal attitude to oneself. As fFurther steps in research in this area are given: analysis of specific psychotherapeutic methods of a subject’s development of subject and integration of this knowledge in personality psychology; profound reflection of contemporary methods of subject construal, ; specification of destructive models of subjectivity and creation of adequate methods of psychological support; and the description and systematization of phenomenology of subjectivity deficits.

Citation: Stankovskaya, E. B. (2012). Perezhivanie «ya mogu»: opyt rekonstruktsii sub"ekta [Experience of “I can”: an Attempt at Subjective Reconstruction]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 9(4), 125-132. (in Russian)
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