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A. Kondrashkin, Kiril Khlomov1
  • 1 Moscow City University of Psychology and Education, 29 Str. Sretenka, Moscow,127051, Russia

Deviant Behavior in Adolescents and the Internet: Change in the Social Situation

2012. Vol. 9. No. 3. P. 102–113 [issue contents]

The age of adolescence is the most specific one as in this period significant physical as well as psychological alterations happen. The necessary condition of living through adolescence is the inclusion of a child into the system of relationships. This stage of growing up is the most contradictive and complicated. The reparative approach described in this paper is a theoretical foundation of social psychological work with adolescents exhibiting deviant behavior. According to this approach the social situation of development (SSD) is not only the physical existence in child’s environment of these or those persons, but the perception of the child those persons and relationships with them. In the framework of this approach all forms of deviant behavior of adolescents are viewed as a reaction to the material and social-psychological tension of social situation of adolescent. Social-psychological maladjustment appears as a result of a breakdown in the system of relationships of social situation of a child. The development of new online forms of communication among adolescents has led to a change in their social situation. Adolescent deviant behavior has also been affected by the changing social environment. The paper presents the data on social changes that happened to adolescents in the street: the deeper personal contacts in the company are changed to more available (with the help of the new media) contacts with the larger amount of people. The possible consequences of those changes for adolescent development and deviant behavior manifestations are discussed. The outcome of the paper is a set of suggested modifications to the technology of social psychological work with adolescents in a situation of social maladjustment and those exhibiting deviant behavior.

Citation: Kondrashkin, A. V., & Khlomov, K. D. (2012). Deviantnoe povedenie podrostkov i Internet: izmenenie sotsial'noi situatsii [Deviant Behavior in Adolescents and the Internet: Change in the Social Situation]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 9(3), 102-113. (in Russian)
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