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Vladimir Shlyapnikov1, Yu. Khrulyova2
  • 1 Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, 34-14 Kutuzovskii Ave, Moscow, 121170, Russian Federation
  • 2 Academy of public administration , 68, Shosseynaya st. Moscow, 109383,Russia

Volitional Control in Junior Athletes

2012. Vol. 9. No. 2. P. 132–140 [issue contents]

Health is the most important value of the modern life. Sport plays a special role in its maintaining health, especially for those in the younger age groups. The sStudies of foreign and native authors show that volitional regulation is the essential factor that provides high results in sport. In the presentis article the results of the a study on volitional control in junior athletes are presented. The junior athletes were chosen because adolescence and youth are the sensitive important periods for the development of volitional regulation. A group of athletes aged 20 to 24 (N=195) was compared to a group of students of the same age not engaged in any sports (N=195). For the diagnostics of individual specifics of volitional regulation the following methods were used: the subscale “Action Control and Planning” subscale from HAKEMP, (by J. Kuhl, in adaptation adapted of from S.A. Shapkin, ); the questionnaire on intensity of self-control in the emotional sphere, activity and behavior (by G.S. Nikiforov, V.K. Vasiliev and S.V. Firsov, ); and the formalized modification of the Self-Esteem Test (by Dembo – Rubinstein, in adaptation ofed from V.A. Ivannikov and E.V. Eidman). Significant differences were found between the groups (using comparison with the non-parametric Mann-Whitney test) in action orientation (HAKEMP, J. Kuhl), behavioral and social self-regulation, and self-ratings of a number of volitional qualities. Junior athletes in comparison to students from the control group have higher indices in discipline, goal commitment, conscientiousness, persistence, resolution, willpower, initiative, self-control, zeal, efficiency, self-assurance, orderliness, and attentiveness.

Citation: Shlyapnikov N. V., Khrulyova N. Yu. (2012) Osobennosti volevoi reguliatcii u sportsmenov-iuniorov [Volitional Control in Junior Athletes] The Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 2, pp. 132-140 (in Russian)
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