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Eugene Morgunov1
  • 1 Independent Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Institute "Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences", 119571, Moscow, prospect Vernadskogo, 82, building 2, 1st floor

Coordination of Organisational Problem Visions Using Control Lists

2011. Vol. 8. No. 2. P. 81–95 [issue contents]

The paper presents brief history, structure, and areas of application of the ergonomic control list method. An example of its successful large-scale implementation (Position Analysis Questionnaire) is also presented. A case study describes the experience gained in a consulting project for the benefit of a regional government body. The application of the control list method allowed to unify the evaluation criteria used by local government experts to determine the priority order for pending problems. The project also resulted in stronger cooperation between members of different departments who had hardly been able to establish a common ground before this collaborative project.

Citation: Morgunov, E. B. (2011). Soglasovanie videnii problem organizatsii na osnove kontrol'nogo perechnya [Coordination of Organisational Problem Visions Using Control Lists]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 8(2), 81-95. (in Russian)
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