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Yulia Chudina, Chingiz Izmaylov

Psychophysiological and Linguistic Components in Russian-language Colour Names

2011. Vol. 8. No. 1. P. 101–121 [issue contents]

The paper examines the problem of generation of colour names that are not associated with objects (e.g., blue, green) and the object-associated ones (e.g., lemon, rose).  Using multidimensional scaling of colour names, a universal semantic space for object-associated and non-object-associated colour names was obtained. Non-object-associated colour names provided a more stable configuration of stimulus points, compared to object-associated ones. The results suggest that generation of non-object-associated colour names is determined by psychophysiology of colour vision, whereas the generation of object-associated ones involves verbal experience.

Citation: Chudina, Yu. A. Y., & Izmailov, Ch. A. (2011). Psikhofiziologicheskaya i lingvisticheskaya sostavlyayushchie v tsvetovykh nazvaniyakh russkogo yazyka [Psychophysiological and Linguistic Components in Russian-language Colour Names]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 8(1), 101-121. (in Russian)
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