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Elena Ulybina, I. Pelevina

Moral Assessment of Ill People: Professional and Nonprofessional Conception of Diseases

2010. Vol. 7. No. 2. P. 137–145 [issue contents]

The study was devoted to the influence of education type and experience of disease on the moral assessment of people suffering from hypertension and depression. The moral assessment as a separate independent dimension of perception of psychic patients was revealed by N. Haslam along with pathologic, medical and psychological dimensions. The obtained results allow concluding that education type (medical, psychological, etc.) influences the extent of moral assessment of a patient and the interconnection between the moral assessment and the other parameters of conception of a disease. On the basis of the examined material the data was obtained that testifies that independence of the moral assessment is peculiar only to the people with medical or psychological education. Personal disease experience has no influence on the level of the moral assessment of an ill person.

Citation: Ulybina E. V., Pelevina I. S. (2010) Moral'naya otsenka bol'nykh: professional'nye i neprofessional'nye predstavleniya o boleznyakh [Moral Assessment of Ill People: Professional and Nonprofessional Conception of Diseases] The Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 2, pp. 137-145 (in Russian)
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