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I. Men'shikov

Analysis of Functional State of the Participants of Laboratory Markets

2009. Vol. 6. No. 2. P. 125–152 [issue contents]
The paper describes the phenomenon of dependence of the functional state (FS) of participants of laboratory markets with complete information from the process of their trading activity. FS is measured by using the system of stabilographic chairs of the laboratory of experimental economics of CCAS RAS and MIPT. The result is compared with a well-known study of English and Dutch auctions which was based on measurement of participants' heart rate frequency. In essence, we have found the solution to a similar problem for a double auction with methods of stabilography. The influence of psychological type of subject on his/her success in the auction of this type is discussed.
Citation: Men'shikov I. S. (2009) Analiz funktsional'nogo sostoyaniya uchastnikov laboratornykh rynkov [Analysis of Functional State of the Participants of Laboratory Markets] The Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 2, pp. 125-152 (in Russian)
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