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A. Gayvoronskaya

The Contents of the Person's Moral Consciousness

2008. Vol. 5. No. 4. P. 120–125 [issue contents]
The issues of moral consciousness contents, of the system of personality-relevant meanings and personal relations are of a special interest for scientific psychology. The given study of person's moral consciousness structure was carried out by means of reconstruction of parameters of personality-relevant meanings which form the basis for self-perception and perception of other people, objects and relationships. The author concludes that person's moral consciousness contents are defined by components of decency and civic position, culture-cognitive component, personality-oriented component. The comparison of factorial structures and locations of role positions in their semantic spaces allows to conclude that personality-relevant meanings which form the contents of constructs are contradictory and they depict the relationships that a person builds with its environment.
Citation: Gayvoronskaya A. A. (2008) Soderzhanie nravstvennogo soznaniya lichnosti [The Contents of the Person's Moral Consciousness] The Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, 4, pp. 120-125 (in Russian)
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