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A. Voronin

Intellectual Activity: Intelligence and Creativity in an Actual Interaction

2006. Vol. 3. No. 3. P. 35–58 [issue contents]
The article deals with the issues of intelligence and creativity in interpersonal relationships. The author re-interprets the notion of intellectual activity by transforming it into a larger conception and demonstrating its connections with the traditional meaning of intellect and creativity, on the one hand, and with thinking and creative activity, on the other hand. In the author’s view, intellectual activity is interactive, is realised together with other persons and has a significant impact on their intellectual and creative abilities. The empirical study shows how personal traits and interpersonal relationships between the teachers and his/her students influence the development of students’ intellect and creativity.
Citation: Voronin A. (2006) Intellektual'naya deyatel'nost': proyavlenie intellekta i kreativnosti v real'nom vzaimodeystvii [Intellectual Activity: Intelligence and Creativity in an Actual Interaction]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 3, no 3, pp. 35-58 (in Russian)
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