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V. Allakhverdov1
  • 1 Saint Petersburg State University, 7/9 Universitetskaya emb., Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation

Isn’t it Time, Fellow Psychologists, to Turn to New Songs and to Make a Long Story Short?

2004. Vol. 1. No. 4. P. 113–125 [issue contents]
The author argues that, in economic models, consciousness — people’s most treasured possession that makes life meaningful — is but subject to manipulation. The economic models of social development aim at satisfying individual needs, not at making consciousness work efficiently. Psychology as a science has failed because, unable to solve important problems, it broke into many contradictory views. There is no shared psychological theory that would explain how a person could show free will. Until it becomes clear how a person makes free choice, the words about freedom, responsibility and human rights will be merely a political declaration. Yet, the author claims, psychology has made progress in studying consciousness. It has been shown that consciousness is neither a reflection of reality nor an adaptation to it. The new understanding of consciousness brings about a new approach to the organisation of social processes. We need to create social institutes that would maintain people’s ideas of themselves and of the world around them (which would make them happy) and correct misrepresentations.
Citation: Allakhverdov V. (2004) Ne pora li nynche, brat'ya-psikhologi, nachat' novye pesni i ne rastekat'sya mysliyu po drevu? [Isn’t it Time, Fellow Psychologists, to Turn to New Songs and to Make a Long Story Short?]. Psychology. Journal of Higher School of Economics, vol. 1, no 4, pp. 113-125 (in Russian)
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