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Round table with presentation of HSE journals

2018-04-11 12:00:00
In recent years, HSE has a number of new scientific journals, and previously established magazines adopted a new development strategy and has achieved some recognition, logging, in addition to the Russian Science Citation Index, the international citation base Scopus and Web of Science (ESSI). Many journals are moving to the platform for peer-reviewed scientific publications Open Journal Systems.
Points for discussion:
-How do you see the further development of the magazines?
-What materials and what authors do they expect?
-How do the requirements for journal publications change?

Members: L. I. Yakobson ("Issues of state and municipal management"), D. R. Kazakova ("Urban research and practice"), A. G. Vishnevsky ("Demographic review"), A. V. Balls ("Communication. Media. Design"), I. V. Ivashkovskaya (Corporate Finance), S. Y. Barsukova ("the World is Russia. Sociology. Ethnology"), VA Petrovsky ("Psychology. Journal of Higher school of Economics), M. K. Glazatova ("Trade policy"), V. V. Radaev ("Economic sociology"), E. E. Gavrilenkov ("Economic journal of Higher school of Economics»)
Site: https://conf.hse.ru/2018/program/ 
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