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Организационная психология

Call for Papers

Psychology. Journal of the Higher School of Economics plans a special issue (in English) including selected papers from the 16th European Congress of Psychology (Moscow, July 2-5, 2019). The issue is planned for December, 2019
А guest editor is Dmitriy Leontiev (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia).
The submission deadline for paper proposals (up to 1 page) is August 01, 2019.The authors will be notified if their proposals have been accepted prior to August 10, 2019.The submission deadline for the full papers (based on the accepted proposals) is September 10, 2019. The length of papers is restricted to 20 000-25 000 characters including spaces (3000-3500 words). For more information about rules and requirements, please, visit the official website of the Journal https://psy-journal.hse.ru/en/guidelines (for English), https://psy-journal.hse.ru/guidelines (for Russian).
We will consider submissions related to the following thematic tracks of the ЕСР 2019:
·      Psychology & Sciences;
·      Psychology & Digital Future;
·      Psychology & Education;
·      Psychology & Health;
·      Psychology & Security;
·      Psychology & Society.
All submissions will go through the usual peer-review process established in Psychology. Journal of the Higher School of Economics. Conditional on the acceptance of proposals, full papers should be submitted with an indication that the submission is for the special issue in Psychology. Journal of the Higher School of Economics. Instructions for researchers are available at https://psy-journal.hse.ru/en (for English),
https://psy-journal.hse.ru (for Russian).
The number of papers to be included into the special issue is strictly limited. The number of accepted proposals will be higher than the final number of published papers. The papers which will successfully pass the reviewing procedure but cannot fit into the special issue by that reason can be published in one of the next year regular issues.

Please email to dleon@mail.ru 
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